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Developed by Softstar, Richman Online is an online game based on turns that appeals to all kinds of players.

Simple to learn and fun to master, you'll find that Richman Online mixes elements of video games and traditional board games in an appealing combination that's as big as you'd like it to be. It's a very interesting and different game, with funny graphics.

See System Requirement.

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Lastest game update

08/09/08 - AP Sale - Olympic Size!

  • In celebration of it being 08/08/08, and the official opening day of the 2008 Olympic Games, Aeria is having a bonus cash sale! For a limited time, earn up to 48% in bonus cash on all your Aeria Point purchases.
  • Note: Sale will end at 8pm (PST) on Sunday 8/10/08. All transactions must clear by this time to be eligble.

08/06/08 - Stability Issues Fixed.

  • Foulest nemesis has been defeated.
  • Richman's client stability was improved.
  • Boss Battle rewards have been raised. Capture the bounty on these furious foes and get 100 gold, and 50 gold for every win thereafter!
  • Lucky Cards reintroduced. Be poor no more when you can win cards for the amount of 30, 50, or even 100 gold absolutely free! We have also stomped a bug with these items so that will properly disappear after use as intended.
  • Commander Zhan, the Geriatric Gladiator, will rain down his verbal assault on you when you face him in battle, with newly-localized dialogue.
  • The remaining naming and description errors in the Item Mall have been fixed.

Gear Icon Footer retired - see

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